The Latest Color Trends for Your Home!

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While the design industry changes on a regular basis, no matter what those changes might be, the reality is that every new shift comes with a brand new palette of trending colors for your home. People are constantly looking for new colors that can help redesign their spaces, and often those new colors are infused with the latest window fashions. What colors are going to look great in your window treatment options this year? Take a look. 

Vibrant Yellow

Pantone named a vibrant yellow one of its official colors for 2021, and one look at a custom window treatment in this flashy, bold statement color, and you’ll see why. Ideal for contrasting other neutrals in your home, this is a fantastic choice when you’re looking to accent those beautiful windows and truly bring some light into your rooms and your life. 

Cavern Clay

Searching for something bold, but not quite as loud as a vibrant yellow? Cavern clay is where it’s at this year. You might harken back to some of those 1960s colors if you look at this one, but it also has a desert touch that means an opportunity to be bold without using colors that blaze through your home. Ideal to accent a window in a room or two, this color may be a surprising choice for you. 


Looking for something that’s not quite as bold? Mushroom is the color to consider. It’s a perfect accent when you need to mute things a bit, as might be the case in a bedroom or a bathroom. It’s a fairly trendy color that isn’t as dark as a pure brown but fits the earth tone style that you really want to infuse throughout your home. If you choose this option, you’re going to find every window in your home makes an amazing statement. 

Trending colors come and go. What doesn’t, though, is the excellent service from Gallery of Shades. Our in-home design consultations can help you choose the best custom window shades or blinds in the perfect color, trendy or not, to meet the style of your home. Book your session today!

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