Gallery of Shades, LLC is Top Rated in Scottsdale

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Trying to decide what are the best blinds for your home? You’re not alone. Whether this is your first home or you just have a new place that you want to give a very different feel, choosing window coverings can be the toughest part of the entire decorating job. For many, the choice comes down [...]

Selecting the Right Custom Blinds Makes a Difference

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So you’ve finally decided to gift your windows with a new treatment.  How exciting!  But then doubt sets in.  How will you pick the right kind of custom blinds for your taste and your needs?  Isn’t it too expensive to do custom blinds?  What if you make a mistake?  If you’re ready to get started [...]

Luminette Blinds Give You Style and Flexibility!

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What are Luminettes and how will they add style to your home? Luminette blinds are polyester panels with vanes similar to those of vertical shades. The louvers provide more privacy when closed. They offer transparency to the outside world while filtering the sunlight when opened. Wondering why they’re so popular? Read on to find out [...]

What are Luminettes?

Blinds and drapes have been around for some time. For decades, people have used vertical blinds to tackle those tough-to-cover patio doors. Nearly everyone is familiar with the idea of opening and closing the slats to let in just the right amount of light. Draperies offer you the same quality, but they can be a [...]