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Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

If you’ve decided that you want to put blinds in your home, you’ve already been confronted with yet another decision- do you want vinyl blinds, wood blinds, or faux-wood blinds? There are lots of different options to consider like durability, versatility, and even warping over time- but if you look at the information, faux-wood blinds [...]

Custom Window Treatment Colors to Consider for Your Home


Window fashions are always changing. They keep up with modern aesthetic choices and trending colors, but that’s not all that influence them. Technology influences craft. At the same time, modern, everyday stresses influence what people reach out for in design. For instance, natural colors are popular because people don’t get as much time in nature [...]

Custom Faux Wood Blinds Better in Scottsdale Heat

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The look of wood is luxurious, but real wood blinds can be expensive.  When you buy faux wood blinds, you can get the same look as real wood, but the cost is easier on your budget.  Why?  Because custom faux wood blinds can be constructed of wood alloy, or a blend of wood and vinyl [...]