Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

If you’ve decided that you want to put blinds in your home, you’ve already been confronted with yet another decision- do you want vinyl blinds, wood blinds, or faux-wood blinds? There are lots of different options to consider like durability, versatility, and even warping over time- but if you look at the information, faux-wood blinds are clearly the best bet for your home or office.

The Spots Where Wood Blinds Aren’t So Great

Wood blinds look good in a home, but they aren’t suited for high-humidity areas like your kitchen or bathroom, because the water in the air will make them warp or fade over time, diminishing the appeal of your home. Wood blinds also have to be deep-cleaned with special products like furniture polish or lemon oil, making them a hassle to have in your home. 

Why You Should Buy Faux-Wood Blinds Instead

Faux-wood blinds, on the other hand, afford your home a natural aesthetic without worrying about warping or difficult cleaning measures. They’ve got a rich array of colors and styles, something that might be difficult to find with real wood blinds, and look great in every room of your house. Instead of being limited by your area or your manufacturer, you can choose custom faux-wood blinds instead to better meet your needs. 

Faux-wood is more durable than wood, and they are also easier to clean- you can just wash them with soap and water instead of investing in some new product to make your shades shine again

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