Custom Faux Wood Blinds Better in Scottsdale Heat

custom faux wood blinds scottsdale

The look of wood is luxurious, but real wood blinds can be expensive.  When you buy faux wood blinds, you can get the same look as real wood, but the cost is easier on your budget.  Why?  Because custom faux wood blinds can be constructed of wood alloy, or a blend of wood and vinyl – a composite material. The manufacturing process is less expensive due to the use of the synthetic materials, yet the appearance can still be similar.  The price is one component, but there are other reasons to choose faux wood blinds in Scottsdale.

Heat and Humidity

Wood blinds, constructed only of wood, can be fairly susceptible to damage from heat, humidity, and moisture.  That is a concern for homes in Scottsdale.  When you buy faux wood blinds, they are much more resistant to damage from humid climates and they are much more suited to withstand moisture better.  Wood blinds, if exposed to high temperatures and humidity over a long period of time, could also show signs of mold.

Durability and Flexibility

Custom faux wood blinds are also more flexible, thanks to their synthetic construction.  They are more durable than wood blinds, which can often get snapped or broken, especially in households with children and/or pets.

Each Room is Different

When you’re talking about kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, where there’s more exposure to heat and humidity, the choice to buy faux wood blinds is perhaps the most obvious.  Both these rooms, and any other room where there is a potential for high humidity and/or high moisture content in the air, would greatly benefit from faux wood blinds in Scottsdale.

The look of wood is a favorite choice of window covering for many homeowners.  It’s easy to see why with the beauty it can bestow upon a room’s environment.  They offer a feeling of comfort and relaxation.  Several reasons can point to a homeowner choosing faux wood blinds vs wood blinds.  It’s important to understand what the alternative of faux wood blinds in Scottsdale offers.

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