Best Kinds of Window Treatments for Glare

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No, it’s not just your imagination – the lighting conditions in your home or apartment really have changed!  Although the nights are longer in winter and can sometimes dreary, we can often forget the glare from the sun coming through our windows changes with the season as well.  Anyone who has ever driven into the setting sun understands how annoying this problem really is.  It can ruin a favorite reading spot or make watching TV quite difficult at certain times of day.  Let’s consider how shading the glare with the right kind of window treatment can help you reclaim your room?

Window treatments are an ideal solution to a number of problems, including glare.  As a budget friendly and stylish option, window treatments can be customized to handle all types of issues.  All you need to do is decide how you want to treat the problem and the fun begins.

For example, custom plantation shutters do not need to be something that only the South gets to enjoy!  With their timeless quality, plantation shutters offer a great decorative statement as well as controlling for light and insulation where needed.  Wooden shutters also increase the value of your home, as their dramatic looks blend into any type of décor.  Or if more coverage is your thing, try soft roman shades.  Made to block out direct sunlight, roman shades come in a variety of colors and blunt the effects of the sun while creating a soft glow in the room.

If you have an unusual combination of problems or you can’t decide which treatment would be best for your situation, then take advantage of a professional service, such as custom window treatments.  With custom recommendations and quality service before and after installation, you are sure to be pleased with the results.

Whether you have recently moved into your home and this is your first experience with winter sunlight or you have found this problem annoying for decades, try a custom window treatment solution you can enjoy year round!

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