Choosing Sliding Glass Door Coverings for Your Home

Choosing Sliding Glass Door Coverings for Your Home

There are many options when it comes to beautiful patio doors, but more homeowners choose sliding glass doors over any other choice. They’re a great way to bring the outside in – allowing you to easily see your yard. They’re also easy to open and close, and they offer high levels of safety. The biggest issue, though, comes when it’s time to choose the right window treatments for these doors. What are your options? What’s going to look great? Here are a few choices you may want to consider.

Vertical Blinds and Shades

These are one of the best sliding door treatments today. They’re the ideal solution in terms of privacy and value. Vertical blinds are the most popular of these kinds of options, and they come in a number of different materials, including vinyl, faux wood, wood, and fabric. You can select not only the material but also the slat length. These days, you can even choose motorized options. This is a great choice when you want a high level of privacy and light control. It’s also an excellent choice if you want a convenient motorized option.

Vertical shades are also an option. These look a lot like the cellular shades you might have elsewhere in your home, and they’re a good way to create some added insulation from the Arizona heat. Available in motorized options as well, they’re an excellent, convenient choice for your patio doors.  


Curtains are a fairly classic choice and for good reason. They look great with almost any décor, they’re easy to install, and they can help your home be a bit more energy efficient. When you select a light-blocking fabric, closing it against the sun’s hottest rays will help to keep your space cool in the summer months. Add that to the fact that you can choose the ideal fabric to meet your needs, and you have a window treatment option you certainly don’t want to overlook. 

Sliding Panels 

One of the newest choices in window treatments for sliding glass doors, sliding panels can really help create an upscale space you’ll love. They’re available in a number of different materials. Some resemble plantation shutters while others are created from fabric or natural materials. They work on a track system, and they, too, can be motorized for convenience. Ready to uncover your window? Just slide them back and watch them fold up under themselves. Need a bit of privacy? It takes just a few moments to unfold them across the window once more to give you complete privacy. 

Your sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to your home, and finding the right window treatment to cover them can only enhance that. We offer many of these options as well as custom sliding door coverings. To learn more about your choices or for a free in-home consultation, contact us today. 

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