Curtain Rods Are an Important Part of Window Design

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If you’re ready to replace your window treatments with something a bit more exciting, you may be overlooking one essential detail – the curtain rods. Why bother updating your curtain rods? They’re an essential part of the best designed windows. They can enhance your home as much as the window treatment itself, so it’s worth it not to overlook them. These days, there are a variety of different styles and options in the world of curtain rods that you could be considering.  Take a look at how to choose the right ones to meet your needs.

Step 1: Make Certain You Don’t Need Specialty Rods

There are a number of specialized rod choices out there that are used with certain kinds of curtains or used to achieve a certain effect. For example, traverse rods are necessary when you’re using a drape that sits on sliding rollers. Make certain you limit your choices to those rods that actually work with the drapes of your choice.

Step 2: Consider the Window Treatment

The chances are good that you’ve already narrowed down the right window treatment option to meet your needs, and that can actually affect the type of curtain rod you choose after you’ve ruled out the need for specialty rods. You’ll want to think primarily about weight in this setting. If you’re going with a light, billowy curtain, you may want to go with a cute, lightweight curtain rod to match it. If, instead, you’re going with an insulated, fabric custom drape, you need a far heavier rod not only to actually support the curtain, but also to support the look of the heavier fabric.

Step 3: Think Exposure Level

You have to decide whether the curtain rod will be seen by anyone walking into the room. With some drapes, your curtain rod will spend quite a bit of time being exposed, so you need to carefully match it to a room’s existing style and decor. With other choices though, (particularly those involving layers and scarves), only part of the rod will be exposed, so you can be a bit more free with your choices.

Curtain rods affect the window space just as much as the curtains themselves, so select the perfect one to meet your space. Contact us today for help.

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