Pleated Shades for the Home Increase Energy Efficiency

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It’s easy to say “energy efficiency just doesn’t matter to me,” or “I don’t have time to worry about that right now.” Having a more energy efficient home may seem like a massive burden to tackle, and because you don’t really know where to start, that can lead to complete apathy that pushes you to feel this way. Energy efficiency, though, is incredibly important. After all, it may not only help bigger problems like global warming, but it could also put quite a bit more cash back in your pocket. One way to easily create a bit more energy efficiency is with pleated shades for the home.

What Are Pleated Shades?

Pleated shades are an entirely different kind of window covering. Before you unfurl them, they look a bit like blinds. They stack like blinds at the top of your window, but when you put them all the way down, you’ll quickly notice they’re a single piece of fabric. With a small stack height, they compress tightly, offering you minimization when you want to let the light in. They come in a wide range of colors, so they can match almost any room in your home, and they’re less expensive than many other options available. You can even buy custom pleated shades in a variety of different fabric options.

Why Are They Energy Efficient?

If you’re looking to become more energy efficient, you have to focus on heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Of all the surfaces in your home, your windows are the ones that are most likely to lose or gain that heat, depending on the season. More carefully selecting your window treatments, though, can help put an end to that problem, and that’s where pleated shades come in.

Pleated shades for the home are a single piece of fabric. Unlike traditional blinds, there are no gaps in that fabric to allow the warm or cold air to pass. That means you reduce any flow through a window, thus making the rooms involved more comfortable.

Ready to explore this option for your home and make at least one step toward energy efficiency? Give us at Gallery of Shades a call today.

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