Wooden Plantation Shutters Add Beauty and Value to Your Home

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Think you’ll stay in your home forever? Statistics suggest most people move 11 times over the course of their lives. Often these moves come with a new job or a push to get to the new location fast, and for your home, that means one thing – marketability. While you can’t always plan for your home to be more marketable, you can pay attention to the little changes you make, ensuring that each one increases the value of your home. If you do, when you have to move, you’ll have a home that sells far faster. One simple change may be in your window covering. Wooden plantation shutters are a great choice if you’re looking to add value to your home.

What Are They?

You’ve likely seen plantation shutters in the past, even if you weren’t quite sure what they were. These are the wide window blinds you might imagine on a southern home. They have wood slats that open with the help of a rod down the center. Fully closed, they block out the light completely. Fully open, they let in quite a bit of light. They’re literally attached to the window frame when installed. They’re one of the best looking window treatments available.

A More Expensive Window Treatment

While wooden plantation shutters look amazing, many who consider this option shy away at the cost. They’re easily one of the most expensive choices available today, even among shutters. In fact, some surveys have shown that homeowners spend thousands on this window treatment. Wondering why you’d want to go that far? It means a serious return on your investment should you choose to sell your home. In fact, these stylish window shutters are the only type of window treatment that are actually considered a fixture in your home, thus raising your overall home value. Many believe the ROI on these window treatments is quite high, and that could mean good things when you’re thinking about marketability.

More Than Monetary Value

Shutters are not only one of the best looking window treatments, but they also do so much more for your home than increase its value. They also help to improve energy efficiency. They’re easy to clean, and maintaining them is simple. They’re the best custom window treatments you can buy today.

Statistically speaking, you’re going to move in your lifetime. Stylish window shutters can help attract buyers to your current home far faster, giving you just what you need to make that move. Contact Gallery of Shades today to learn more about our plantation shutters and to schedule a in-home design consultation.

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