Custom Pleated Shades Work Well Within a Budget

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Custom pleated shades can maximize the potential of either a large window or a small one; they are beautifully compatible with the sizes and needs of both.  They can be complementary to the theme or design of any room.  While working well in small areas, such as a bathroom, they are just as at-home in a living room or breakfast nook.  They are versatile window coverings that are stylish and efficient on a budget.

Ability To Manipulate With Ease

A unique aspect of custom pleated shades is that you can manipulate them either from the top up or the bottom down.  This maneuverability lends itself well to those rooms where you may deem it more pleasurable to have a bottom portion of a window covered while letting light come in at the top or through the middle of the window.

Great For Offices, Too!

Pleated shades are affordable window treatments, whether they are purchased to enhance your home or business.  A comfortable and energy-efficient work area is just as important as it is in your home.  Pleated shades are crafted from a continuous piece of lightweight fabric that enables them to either be fully folded up or fully expanded to bring the desired amount of light into a room.  Custom pleated shades are flexible options, bringing a number of versatile alternatives to the windows they cover and the rooms they decorate.

Customization Counts

Custom pleated shades can be designed to meet the needs of windows in your home or office.  When you allow us to bring our design studio into your home for a free consultation, we will listen to your needs as you describe the end results you are looking for in window treatments.  We will then help you visualize the solution that can complement your home and meet those needs.

Give Gallery of Shades a call today to schedule an appointment.  We offer free in-home design consultations to provide you with the chance to view the type of versatile window coverings, as well as the colors and fabrics, that will serve your needs best in your home or business.  There’s nothing quite like getting a real-time glimpse of what custom pleated shades can bring to the interior or your home or business.

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