Think Ahead for Patio Shades Before Summer!

Think Ahead for Patio Shades!

Few people love to spend as much time outside as we do here in Arizona, but there’s a pretty serious problem with most outdoor living spaces here – the afternoon sun can push us inside when we’d really rather enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Why even having living space outside if you constantly get pushed in by the afternoon sun? Fortunately, there is something you can do before it gets too hot! Consider patio shades for your outdoor living area

Shades for Outdoor Living

Many people think through the window treatments inside pretty seriously before making a decision, but few give thought to the power of patio shades. These days, though, there are lots of options to consider. From simple off-the-shelf solutions to custom patio shades designed specifically to fit the needs of your space, you’ll find lots of options. Before you begin shopping for the best patio shades to meet your needs, though, you’re going to want to consider these things: 

  • The Space: Every patio is different, thus every shade option is different. Those who have a large, wide open space may want to consider something like a sail shade. Ideal for filtered spots, these only need to connect to a few spaces. If you have a gazebo or another structure, though, you may be looking for more traditional patio shades, and there are several varieties you can hang from the top of your structure to keep the sun’s rays out at various times of the day. Think hard about what might fit in your space and where it should go to provide the coverage you want. 
  • The Wind: While Scottsdale isn’t the windiest place on Earth, it certainly does happen, particularly in some locations. If you tend to get fairly strong gusts of wind on your property, you may want to consider selecting patio shades that you can tie down so they don’t continually blow back and forth while you’re trying to enjoy your space. 
  • Your Preferences: Don’t forget to factor in what you want in an outdoor shade. Do you want a traditional roller shade structure? Something motorized? Something that offers more complete coverage? Knowing exactly what fits your life best is the key to getting patio shades that really work for you. 

Ready to learn more about the best patio shades to meet your needs? Give us a call. We’ll help you evaluate your space and come up with solutions that are perfect for your backyard this summer. 

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