Shade Your Summer with New Patio Shades

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As spring has sprung and the sunny days are longer, being outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunlight are top priorities in most households.  Whether watching the pretty spring flowers or watching the weather for those unpredictable spring showers, launching into a new season is part of the zest of life.  So it might seem strange to skip ahead and begin thinking about summer, but now is the perfect time to consider installing new patio shades to fully enjoy the summer months that are rapidly approaching.

While sunny days in spring can be energizing, sunny very hot summer days can sometimes be draining and dehydrating.  The blazing Arizona sun can make enjoying your outdoor spaces more difficult, and who wants to wait until after the sun has set to go outside and enjoy your yard?  Further, those sunny facing rooms inside the house can be just as unbearable in the summer sun without having to step foot outside.  Fortunately, patio shades can solve both of those problems at once!

Some worry that new patio shades will create a stifling environment – after all, who wants to sit in a stuffy, shaded space?  But Gallery of Shades new patio shades are made of breathable fabric which lets the breeze through, but keeps the weather out.  Weather resistant shades do more than protect you from the sun’s blazes – they protect your outdoor furniture as well.

How many times have you purchased a stunning cushion collection only to find it is sun bleached and unsightly by the end of the season?  Besides, who wants to keep running outside to bring in the cushions?  A patio shade solves the problem of functionality and aesthetics, not to mention saving money.

Outdoor living shades really turn a patch of patio tile into an outdoor living “room” to be enjoyed day or night.  Adding texture and color to your property, an outdoor living shade will also cool down the sun-facing rooms in your home, making it more comfortable inside your home as well to watch television, read a good book or visit with family and friends.  See how Gallery of Shades can help you prepare stylishly for the many warm days to come!

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