Patio Shades: A Quick Guide

Your outdoor living space – it’s no longer an option. It’s become a must-have in your home. Need to make it a bit more hospitable during the heat of the day, though? Don’t worry – there’s a simple solution for that: patio shades.

What They Are

If you’ve never seen patio shades, think window treatments for your deck or patio. They’re essentially large pull down shades made from a weather-resistant fabric that can descend at any point in the day or pushed back up when they’re not necessary. Rust resistant, they come in all shapes and sizes to help outfit any outdoor space.

What They Can Do

Patio shades can actually serve a number of functions. Their primary function is to make an outdoor living space a bit more comfortable. Because they’re made from a heat blocking material, they help to keep the area far cooler than it might be without them while still filtering some light in. That means a cool shady spot, even during the heat of the day. They can also add some level of privacy to an outdoor space too. Additionally, they can help to protect your outdoor furniture from the weather.

How We Can Help

Our complete selection of patio shades is customized to meet your needs. You not only choose the size you want, but you choose the fabric as well, so you’ll get a look that fits your outdoor living space perfectly. Not a homeowner? Don’t feel left out! We’ve designed distinctive patio shades for business owners of all types. As you search for the right patio shades to meet your needs, give us a call (480) 643-0014 or visit our website. Our free design consultation is right around the corner, as is that comfortable outdoor living space that will redefine relaxation at the end of a tough day.

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