3 Things You Didn’t Know About Blackout Drapes

Trying to decide on the right window treatment for any of the bedrooms in your home can be a bit complicated. There’s much to consider. Two of the most important factors? The levels of light and privacy you want within those rooms. To achieve a higher level of both, you may want to consider blackout drapes. Not sure you want to go that far? Take a look at them from a different angle.

  1. They’re energy saving machines. Many people are doing what they can to go green these days, and blackout drapes are the perfect helper. The ideal way to keep the summer sun out while your room stays cool and comfortable or keep the heat in during the course of the winter, blackout drapes means you can save a little bit every time you close them.
  2. They offer the darkness necessary for good sleep at any point in time. New parents with tiny babies, shift workers, small children who nap during the day – all of them are affected by one thing – the sun. Blackout drapes are a great solution. Whether you just need a little more sleep with your new baby or you’ve got to get some rest before that next shift starts, blackout drapes give you the freedom to do so as soon as you need it.
  3. Complete privacy is a given. The space between you and your neighbors is shrinking all of the time. Apartment dwellers, condo owners, and those with homes that are simply too close together all crave one thing – a bit of space to themselves. If you go with blackout drapes, you’ll never have to worry about someone seeing inside your home again.

At Gallery of Shades, we have a complete selection of blackout drapes in stock and ready to meet your needs now. With our free design consultation, you’ll get the perfect color and size for every bedroom in your home. Give us a call today (480) 643-0014 to learn more and book your free consultation.


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