Motorized Luminette PowerView Shades: An Option to Consider

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Sheer window treatments are often relegated to the “My grandma had those” category of window treatments. While many older homes have sheers installed, the reality is that they don’t just have to fit with a single style or time period. Instead, they’re just as popular today as they once were, and for good reason. They’re timeless, and they fit with almost any style. In fact, sheers are taking on a life of their own thanks to innovations like Motorized Luminette PowerView Shades.

The Many Benefits of Sheer

There are a number of reasons you may want to consider going with a sheer window treatment in your home. They are absolutely the perfect choice, no matter what your decorating style. More than that, though, they offer the bright natural light so many want to make part of their homes today along with the privacy required in today’s world. If you have lots going on in a room in terms of style, sheer might be the perfect way to go, as it can mean a simplicity that could be important in tying the entire room together.

Sheers aren’t just a stand-alone solution, either. Instead, they work well with many other window treatments, offering the touch of light you need when your curtains are open without the concern about privacy.

Maybe the biggest benefit of sheer, though, is that it comes in a much better form today – motorized  Luminette blinds.

Meet The Newest Sheer Player

If you’re not familiar with motorized window treatments yet, it’s time to at least consider them. At the touch of a button, your windows could be uncovered to let all of that gorgeous light in. Need some privacy? Ready to turn things down for the evening? Another touch of the button rolls out your motorized vertical blinds or window sheers. Motorized Luminette PowerView Shades are the single best choice you can make for your home today, as they’re simple to use, and they add a touch of magic to your decor.

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