Choosing Just the Right Kitchen Window Treatments That You’ll Love!

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If you’re like most people, your kitchen is the most important gathering space in your home. As such, you want it to be absolutely beautiful, and one solid way to ensure that’s possible is to choose the right kitchen window treatments. This is not only an important style step, it can also be an important functional one. After all, you may need to clean your kitchen window coverings more than any other in your home, so the right choice here is essential. What are your best options? Take a look.

  • Kitchen Shades: You want to add some light filtering when needed, but you want a minimalist approach. Kitchen shades are the best way to go in situations like this. They can often be wiped down with soap and water, and they keep the sun out when you need it most. They’re typically slimmer than many other choices, and they’re easy to hang, too.
  • Faux Wood Blinds: Water splotches, steam, kitchen messes – they’re all possible in a space like this one, and faux wood blinds can take the abuse. They’re easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, and they look absolutely timeless. A flawless choice, they’re going to be one of the most talked about centerpieces available in terms of window treatments. What’s more, though, is that you can pair them with another option like a custom kitchen valance or custom curtains to spice things up.
  • Custom Kitchen Curtains: Curtains are one of the single most versatile window treatments available today. There are so many different looks you can create with curtains, and they’re fairly easy to clean. A trip to the dry cleaners will often solve the problem. Not sure you want full-length curtains? A custom kitchen valance or even cafe style curtains will offer you the same look without the excess fabric.

Not sure which is right for your space? Let Gallery of Shades help. We offer free in-home design consultation. We bring our design studio to you to help you select the perfect product, fabric and material. Learn more when you contact us today.

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