Café Curtains Are a Perfect Look for Your Kitchen

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Café curtains are truly the best choice when needing a blend of both privacy and light.  They cover the lower half of a window while the top portion remains open.They are often chosen as kitchen window coverings.  A window above the kitchen sink would be an ideal use for them.

Kitchen Café Curtains

Often kitchen café curtains are made of a lacy or sheer material to still let a little bit of light filter through the bottom portion.  They can, however, also be made from any variety of solid or pattern materials, in colors that will fashionably appeal to your decorations in the room.  Before deciding on a particular fabric, evaluate your kitchen and the location where the curtains will hang.  Active areas where custom kitchen curtains will provide a covering for your window might see more than their fair share of grease, dirt, or grime.  Remember to take the location of the window into consideration before making final decisions.

Café Curtains and Valances 

Many times, as well, customers will choose to also have a valance hang down just a bit between the top of the window and the lower portion, still leaving an open viewing area but narrowing it a bit as well.  How much light do you want to let in through that particular window?

Pleasantly Appealing 

Café curtains make for pleasant kitchen window coverings.  They provide a friendly and homey atmosphere to share with family and friends.  No matter whether your kitchen is simple and basic, or luxuriously appointed, there is a selection of kitchen café curtains that can enhance the friendliness and beauty of the room.  They are welcoming; they can seem to be beckoning to your guests.

Other Rooms

Café curtains can make appearances in other rooms in your home besides the kitchen.  They can also be great for some bedrooms (depending on the height of the room so as to keep privacy in the room to a maximum) and small, cozy dining areas.  They can even be combined with drapes, when appropriate.  When combining café curtains with drapes, that offering is a win-win-win scenario that will cover all your needs.

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