Playing with Light With Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

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If you are in the mood to redecorate or want to enhance the mood of your home, then the lighting in your rooms should be one of your first considerations.  Everything from the lamps you keep to your window treatments plays a role in setting the stage for the enjoyment of your home.

As you go about making your design decisions, the first thing to question is how much privacy you want.  A sliding glass door may be a wonderful advantage, but when the weather is cooler and some of the bushes aren’t quite as full, do you have a privacy problem?  Once your privacy needs are determined, then you are ready to play with light in your window treatments.

Yes, a great way to change the lighting in your room is to do a quick swap of a lampshade!  But a more clever and longer lasting effect can be achieved with the kinds of shades or blinds choose.  Wood, for example, brings an earthier feel to a room and light can be filtered through blinds with sleek slats. Maybe a woven fabric shade giving a nubby look where light will come through the shade in a more dappled way is the right choice for your space.  If you want to control the light, you always have an option to add a lining.  If you want to block the sun more directly, then a beautiful Roman shade can do the trick quickly and stylishly.

One of the best methods of controlling light comes from Hunter Douglas window treatments.  Hunter Douglas can even create vertical shades in a wide array of materials – even sheer fabrics!  While some people may be concerned with the pricing, in terms of blinds, the truth is you really do get what you pay for.  We have all had those moments when we didn’t pay much only to see the cat break the ends of the cheap, plastic blinds a couple of days later!  But quality is not the only concern here.  Some products may come from countries with little to no regulation when it comes to, for example, lead content!

Treat yourself to a customized experience with a Hunter Douglas design professional who can give you the best recommendations for your setting with custom Hunter Douglas window treatments at a price point that works and quality that is above question.

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