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Skylights are brilliant ideas. They can fill a room with natural light in a way that’s far more refreshing than any indoor, artificial light. You can look up and see a brilliant blue sky, or big white clouds. Occasional rainfall makes a gentle, reassuring sound. Yet sometimes they can let too much light or heat in. The day becomes too harsh, or you just need to dim the lights for a movie or some rest. Skylight shades are just as important as the window itself. They’re also energy saving window coverings because they’ll help you keep the cool AC inside.

A Shade Darker

Skylight shades can block out light when you need them, but are easy to open up when you want to let that light back in. Skylights also let heat in, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning. This means your AC has to work harder, and you’ll definitely see that on the electric bill.

Reducing Energy Bills

Just as you’d pull shades down on the side of your home the sun’s beating down on, energy saving window coverings are even more important for skylights. These are facing the sun for a far longer period and can sap away much more cool air.

Saving Your Flooring

An added benefit is prolonging the lifetime of your floors. Floors that get a ton of sun will see particular spots fade very quickly – especially wood floors and carpet. A stretch of floor exposed to the same skylight day after day may fade more quickly and require early replacement.

Ease of Installation

Skylight shades are easy to install and remove, so you don’t need to worry about any long installation process. Leave them closed when you’re not home, you want to save on energy, or you just need the room darker, and open them at your leisure for a room full of light and sky.

Gallery of Shades can walk you through the easy process and present you a wide range of options for effective skylight shades.

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