Are Motorized Blinds and Shades Right for Your Home?

Are Motorized Blinds and Shades Right for Your Home?

You’re on the search for the perfect window covering, right? Have you looked at custom motorized blinds like PowerView from Hunter Douglas? If they’re not even on your radar yet, it’s time to take a closer look at the power of custom motorized shades in your home. Check out these amazing benefits. 

  • Better Safety Ratings: Whether you have children or pets you’re concerned about PowerView blinds really are the safer choice. They’re completely cordless, so you’ll never have to worry about anyone in your household getting tangled up in them. 
  • Added Energy Efficiency: Motorized window blinds mean much higher energy efficiency ratings for two reasons. First, they offer a level of insulation some window coverings just can’t match. That helps to keep the heat out and the cool air conditioning in. More than that, though, they also offer you light control. Natural light means a chance to save on energy sometimes, which means switching off lamps and other light fixtures. You can even set your new blinds to open and close at specific points during the day to help maximize your energy efficiency. 
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Trying to fall asleep when it’s not quite dark outside is never fun. Neither is being awakened by an alarm instead of your body’s natural cycle. PowerView shades, though, give you the option to set a cycle for your bedroom window coverings. At night, set it to maximum light blocking to help make your bedroom as dark as it can be. Then set them to slowly introduce light as the sun comes up. It’s the perfect way to get the natural morning light you want without letting any additional light in at night.   

Whether you love all of the features of smart home products or you just want to invest in something that helps make your window coverings a little smarter, PowerView shades are the ideal option. To learn more about the benefits or just see them in action, visit our showroom today!

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