Caring for Your Modern Roman Shades

Roman shades are a gorgeous option for almost any room in your home, but when it’s time to clean them, you may be stuck. They’re not quite like any other window treatment option you have in your home, so how can you possibly keep them clean? These tips can help.

  • Start with the Manufacturer’s Instructions: One of the single best things you can do before you start cleaning is read the manufacturer’s instructions. They typically have all of the information you need to keep your shades clean and safe.
  • Prevention is a Must: In addition to keeping a close eye on the instructions from the manufacturer, you should also work to prevent dust and damage from hitting your shades whenever possible. One great way to do just that is to vacuum your shades at least once a week. Pay special attention to where the fabric folds, as dust likes to collect there. In the event you live in a fairly dusty area, you’ll want to vacuum far more frequently to keep dust out of the equation.
  • When Vacuuming Can’t Happen: Not all Roman shades can be vacuumed. In those cases, a tool like a Swiffer or a feather duster should prove invaluable. You may also be able to use a fabric refresher like Febreeze on a weekly basis.
  • If A Spill Happens: In the event your Roman shades do get a spill or a stain on them, clean it as soon as possible. A bit of club soda should do the trick or you can use a commercial stain remover to work the stain out.

Keep in mind that none of this may ever need to happen if you choose Roman shades that can be washed be hand or in the machine. Some can even be cleaned with professional help if they get particularly dirty.

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