Why We Love Window Valances

Why We Love Valances

Window valances. They may seem simple- trite, old-fashioned, or even quaint. Valances as window treatments, though, are making a huge comeback right now, and they have a lot of perks that you might not have thought about. Before you strike these common window treatments off your map, take a moment to understand the hype about valances.

What Is A Valance?

If you’re not familiar with window valances, it can sound like a strange term. It is a window treatment consisting of one piece of fabric across the top of your window. It’s typically held on a curtain rod and can help conceal the top of your window or any other hardware that might be on your wall. They can add a pop of color to an otherwise bland wall, and they even soften the hard angles in a room. They come in many different shapes and styles. You can use them as a stand-alone window treatment or pair them with another option.

Serious Benefits

But what makes valances the thing to buy? There are two key reasons people tend to consider valances.

  1. They’re one of the most cost-effective window coverings for your budget. They look great but they’re incredibly affordable- the perks of being one to two pieces of fabric. Furthermore, they can stand out on their own, or they can be paired with a set of curtains or drapes for an even better look. Valances can even help cut down on your energy bills since you can design them specifically for a space for your perfect light level.
  2. They cut down on outside light and sound coming into your home. Essentially, valances can help you keep privacy inside of your home. You can make fantastic custom valances, which allows you to effectively cover windows that you want to keep private. Nobody can see through your windows when your valances are closed- a huge plus when it comes to window treatments. In continuation, valances can even cut down on noise pollution– so when your neighbors are getting particularly loud one night, you can muffle it by closing the valances.

Fitting Your Home With Valances

Valances really are the right way to turn this year as you explore the right window treatments for your home. You can find great new custom valances at the Gallery of Shades, in all sorts of different thicknesses, colors, and even sizes. Valances are the perfect window dressings for your home, and it’s time you look into them!

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