Top Custom Window Valance Options Will Add Charm to Any Room

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Think a valance would look great in that room? You’re not alone. Valances are one of the least expensive window treatments you can buy, and they’re a great choice in almost every room, especially given the fact that they can complement existing window treatments and help give you that fresh look you want. As you begin to search for custom window valance options to better meet your needs, though, you’re going to run into many types of valances. Understanding the differences between them is key to getting the look you want.

Valances for Windows – Which is Right for You?

So, what’s going to work in your home? Take a look at each type available today to help you make your decision.

  • Rod Pocket Valances: These look like short curtains – literally. They have a casing stitched to the top of them so they can slide into the rod you’ll hang them on, too, a bit like some curtains do. If you’re looking for simple bathroom window valances, these are the right choice.
  • Tab Top Valances: Instead of that casing stitched to the top, these have big, beautiful loops at the top. They’re designed to wrap around the rod or pole you’ve chosen. You may see a few of these as tie-tops, and in those cases, the strips of fabric are made to be tied to the rod itself. They make great kitchen window valances, and they work well in other spaces as well.
  • Festoon Valances: If you’ve ever seen valances that seem to simply be a draped piece of fabric, you’ve seen a festoon valance. They’re sometimes called swags, and typically, they’re paired with jabots, a second type of valance. The jabots were initially made to hide the seams of the festoon, but today, they work to continue the swag look in the window.
  • Ascot Valances: Ascots are triangular, and they typically have a beautiful fringe on the edges. Often it’s either beaded or includes tassels, and you can use as many ascot points as you like, but each is usually its own section.
  • Scalloped Valances: The bottom edge of these valances is a series of circular fabric cuts that lie across the window opening. In some cases, they’re gathered to present a slightly puffier appearance.
  • Balloon Valances: These are gathered valances that have the puffy appearance of balloons. In some cases, they even include polyfill to help enhance the puffier look.
  • Scarf Valances: If you like the look of swag valances, but you’re looking for something a little lighter, a scarf valance might be the way to go. These are typically sheer valances that look like you’ve draped an incredibly long scarf over the curtain rod.

Which Window Valances Are Right For Me?

With so many different choices, it may be difficult to decide what’s going to work in your home. The first step is to think about the style of your home. For example, if you have a country, rustic style living room, you may want to go with something like a tab top option to help add to the rustic atmosphere. A modern style may demand something with cleaner lines like an ascot valance. Beyond that, you’ll want to consider window shape as well. Maybe your windows are tall and elegant. In cases like that, a scarf valance might help complement the shape of your windows. Shorter windows that are rather wide might be calling out for scallops to help it look a little longer.

After you’ve chosen the right shape, the next step is to think about fabrics. Selecting fabrics for your valance is a bit like choosing the right material for custom drapes. Here, color isn’t the only concern. Instead, you have to think about several aspects including color, patterns, and even fabric weight to make sure your new valances look like the perfect complement to your space.

Whether you’ve read about a style you like or you’re hoping for something completely different, we can help. Window valances can look amazing in almost any space, and custom options are ideal no matter what the style of the room or the other window treatments involved. Contact us for custom window valances today or to talk about what might look great in your home.

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