Why Choose Custom Window Valances?

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Window valances cover the top of your window with a decorative complement. Window valances are also useful from a practical perspective. Wondering why? It’s simple. They hide visible hardware, bring out a certain look, make an otherwise plain window remarkable, and help block sunlight. Take a look at how custom window valances manage to do each:

Hiding Hardware

The best valances for windows start with the practical. They cover the hardware that makes your blinds or curtains work. Sometimes hardware from a previous treatment has left a mark. At the wrong angle, you or a guest can spy the way blinds or curtains are connected and operate, or what used to be there. This can ruin the aesthetic the blinds or curtain provide. By covering the top portion, a window valance reinforces the strong look of your blinds or curtain.

Bringing Out Look

A window valance also complements the window treatment it’s matched with. By selecting valances and treatments that set each other off in a striking look, you can make a room feel more bold. By selecting valances and treatments that each “smooth” the other’s look, they can each feel more natural in a room. The best valances for windows do something for the treatment underneath that makes them more beautiful and changes how people perceive them.

Changing a Plain Window

Custom window valances that aren’t paired with blinds or curtains can be decorative. A plain window without decoration can often look lonely. Plain, undecorated windows make a room and home look sparse. The window valance is an easy way to cheers it up and make the room more visually interesting.

Blocking Light

You can also order a window valance to help block light. You may want to leave blinds or curtains open at certain parts of the day. This helps provide light to a room, but that light may be a little too intense. By covering the top portion of a window, a valance blocks the most direct midday sunlight while still allowing light into the room. As the sun gets lower, you’ll get more direct light but it won’t be as intense – since this is the evening sun low against the horizon. In this way, custom window valances are a smart and attractive way to modify the nature of how a room receives light.

When you order a window valance, it’s smart to select custom window valances for the best effect. To learn more, contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today.

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