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How Motorized Window Treatments Can Add Value to Your Home

How Motorized Window Treatments Can Add Value to Your Home

Looking to increase the value of your home? There are many changes you could make, but believe it or not, one simple step you could take is to enhance your home with motorized window treatments. A perk for anyone in the market for a new property, motorized window treatments not only add to the value [...]

Stop Wasting Energy Through Your Windows!

Stop Wasting Energy Through Your Windows

If you’re like most people, you probably try to conserve energy where you can. Whether it’s turning off the lights every time you leave a room or timing your showers, you’re doing your part to lock down the amount of energy you use throughout your home. What you may not realize, though, is that your [...]

Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

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Remote control window treatments used to be thought of as a luxury, but now they are here and readily available to nearly everyone.  The benefits of automated window treatments are many, including convenience, safety and privacy, protection, and energy efficiency.  There’s really no reason not to have remote control window treatments in your home. CONVENIENCE [...]