Specialty Window Treatments for Uniquely Shaped Windows

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Uniquely shaped windows are an architectural feature in your home you may absolutely love until you try to find the right window covering ideas to fit. Privacy and light control are key with any window shape, but it doesn’t come easy when you have arches, angles, circles, skylights, bay windows, and more. Where do you even begin to decide how to cover these types of windows? Do they even make specialty window treatments for all of these? Actually, shaped windows are not as much of a challenge as you think.

Diagnose Your Shape

The key to finding the right window treatment is to first make sure you understand its shape. Perfect arches mean your window’s height is exactly half of its width. Imperfect arches, though, mean that you don’t have that ideal window measurement ratio. Understanding what you have on your hands will help you find the right window treatment to meet your needs.

Go Custom

One of the single best things you can do to end the endless internet search for the right window treatments for your shaped windows is to select a provider who can offer custom window treatments based on the unique sizes and shapes in your home. These windows look gorgeous, but grabbing an off-the-shelf solution that wasn’t really designed for them isn’t going to highlight that cute shape. Instead, it’s going to cover it up, which is the last thing you want to do. At Gallery of Shades, we carry an entire line of specialty window treatments designed for arches, curves, skylights, bay windows, and more, and we have the selection on hand ready for you to choose. We’ll even help you decide what shape you’re dealing with and what might look best in that space.

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