Learn More About the Best Window Treatment Trends in 2020

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The passing of each new decade seems to bring entirely new and different trends to the world of windows, and as 2019 has now changed to 2020, you’re likely to notice the changing state of window treatments once again. What trends are popular now in 2020? What are the best window treatment trends this year that will take us all by storm? Explore some of the best options on the market now.


The demand for natural light certainly hasn’t waned over the past few years. In fact, people are continually looking for more ways than ever to add natural light to their spaces, and when they go to buy new window treatments, they’re looking for options that do that. Sheers are the perfect fit in this setting. They don’t just have to be white or off-white, either. There are many color choices available. You’re not just limited to sheer curtains, though. While those are a great option, there are also other sheer choices including sheer shades with soft translucent fabric between the traditional plastic panels to add a bit more control to the sheer feeling in a room.

Natural Materials

More and more, natural materials are one of the best options for your windows, no matter what your décor style. They offer some pretty unique benefits, too. Whether you go with bamboo or natural grasses, you’re going to get a level of durability few other options on the market can touch. More than that, often these choices are eco-friendly, and if you’re working hard to go green in your life elsewhere, you may want your window covering choices to reflect that. Additionally, they’re incredibly versatile. From shades to blinds, you’ll find exactly what you want available in natural materials. They’re also pretty cost-effective, too.

Serious Contrast

One of the most popular window treatment trends of the upcoming year is likely to be those that offer contrasting colors to the room around it. When you add color to a room, you’re getting a solid touch without creating a loud space that makes everyone in the room feel uncomfortable. Window treatments are a great way to do just that because they’re an easy way to help you get the balance you want without having to add accent furniture or paint walls to achieve the look you want most. The best way to do that, naturally, is custom draperies with your colors, but there are lots of other options available too.

High-Tech Options

If there’s going to be one big trend this year you’ll absolutely want to follow, it’s going to be adding your window treatments to the list of things your smart home can control. Smart window covering technology is here. The Hunter Douglas Powerview line means motorization on an entirely different level. Whether you just want to control the light on lazy Saturday mornings or you need to make an adjustment while you’re away on vacation, motorized window coverings can make it happen for you the same way you can now control almost everything else in your home.

Hoping to ensure your home remains on par with the latest trends? Simply want something different for every single window in your house? We can help. Shop our complete selection today or sit down for a free in-home design consultation, and we’ll help you decide what might look best on your windows this year.

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