UV Solar Shades

UV Solar Shades

With any house, there’s one thing you can be certain of- you want your windows to look great and bring light into your house. Custom UV solar shades in Scottsdale can help you achieve the look you want for your home at a great low price.

What are UV Solar Shades?

UV solar shades are a great type of shade that can actually help protect the inside of your home or business. Instead of going through your windows, UV solar shades actually reflect the sun’s rays, preventing damage and fading to your walls and furniture. In addition to that, UV solar shades absorb heat from the outside, keeping your home cooler when it’s hot outside. While they do block a lot of sunlight, UV solar shades are actually see-through- they’re made of a thin, tightly-woven fabric that’s translucent in the light.

The Benefits of UV Solar Shades

UV solar shades can do great things for your home- like lowering your energy bill overall.  In both a commercial and a home setting, UV solar shades can prevent glare from the sunlight onto your computer screen, making for a better work environment- especially if you’re still working from home. But they don’t block your view- depending on the opacity of the shade, you can choose how much sunlight you want to see, and how much of the outdoors you want to be visible. Their neat and simple design can match with any setting, and works well in both an office and a home setting for professionality and home decor. UV solar shades are both long-lasting and durable, so your home or office will be able to look amazing for as long as you need it to.

Ready to buy solar shades? Scottsdale has one of the best options available – Gallery of Shades. With some of the best window treatments Scottsdale has to offer, we have a variety of choices including UV solar shades. Schedule a visit with us today to explore our complete inventory.

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