Meet Classy and Beautiful Roman Shades!

Meet Classy and Beautiful Roman Shades!

If you’re looking for customized window treatments that truly fit your space, it may be time to consider custom Roman shades. What are Roman shades and why have they become such a popular choice in homes across the country? Understanding these unique shades is key to deciding whether they’re right for your home.

What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are a soft window treatment made from fabric that hangs directly against your window when they’re completely down. When you decide to raise them, they hang at the top of the window in horizontal folds. While some of these come with a cord, many today are motorized, offering you an added level of convenience.

Roman shades get their unique look from the horizontal bars inside the fabric folds that create the folds themselves. Each bar has an eyelet with the cord on the opposite side of the shade to help draw it up.

There are two main kinds of Roman shades. The first is flat. They’re a single piece of fabric with those horizontal bars inside that fabric to help strengthen it. These tend to look great on shallow windows or doors. Soft fold Roman shades look a bit different. These have permanent folds in them when they’re open or closed, and they offer a classy, distinctive look that is incredibly popular today.

Where Would Roman Shades Look Great In Your Home?

Roman shades are incredibly versatile, so you can use them in almost any room. Because you can choose among a variety of fabrics, you can vary the amount of sunlight and how they fit with the room. With the right fabric, they can even offer you better energy efficiency, keeping out the heat of the sun and the fall and winter chill when necessary. If you plan to use them in damper spaces like the kitchen or the bathroom, though, make sure you choose the right fabric!

Ready for stylish shades that truly fit your home? Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to book a free in-home consultation to show you all of the unique shades we carry or you can visit our innovative design studio to learn more about what we have available. At Gallery of Shades, we’re here to meet all of your window treatment needs. Give us a call to learn more.

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