Looking for Unique Kitchen Shades? Soft Roman Shades Do the Trick!

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Your window coverings can make or break a room, and selecting the right option from the hundreds available today can be difficult. Soft Roman shades, a centuries’ old choice, are making a comeback, though, and they might be the perfect option for your home. Wondering why? Take a look.


Looking for kitchen shades? These are a great choice. Need bedroom shades? Yep, these again. Hoping for bathroom shades that mean added privacy and beauty? It’s Roman shades to the rescue again. Because they’re available in so many different styles and types, these window coverings meet the needs of almost every room in your home. They’re a beautiful accent no matter what the décor, style, or window type. You might even be surprised at the sheer number of options you have when you start shopping Roman shades.

Energy Efficient

Looking for a window covering that will help keep the air conditioner from working too hard? Roman shades win here again. The fabric literally covers the window when fully extended, and that means you can keep the hot Scottsdale sun out and your cool air conditioning in. They could even lower your energy bills significantly.

True Privacy

When options like wood blinds are closed, often there’s a small gap that could compromise your privacy. When Roman shades are closed, though, your window is completely covered. If you’re looking for a choice that means absolute privacy in any room of your home without the weight and bulk of draperies,

Roman shades are one of the few window coverings that will give it to you.

Think you’re ready for Roman shades? Scottsdale homeowners just like you have been coming to Gallery of Shades for years to get the perfect custom Roman shades for their homes. To see our showroom or for a free in-home design consultation, contact us today.

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