Skyline Panel Tracks Installation for Sliding Doors and Large Windows

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Finding the right solutions for large windows and doors can be complex. Traditional vertical blinds don’t always make sense within a given space, and there simply aren’t a lot of other good choices out there, until now. Skyline Panel Tracks installation is a Hunter Douglas window treatment innovation, and the perfect way to create the light control and privacy you want, no matter how large the windows in your home or office.

What Are They?

Skyline Panels are really a lot like sliding door shades. Scottsdale has a number of homes and offices with large sections of windows or large doors, and they’re tough to cover with typical window coverings. These aren’t your typical window coverings, though. Available in 11.5 inches and 17-inch panels, these window coverings were designed to be as stunning as the view outside is. Thanks to a revolutionary hardware system, each panel glides across the window, stacking on the next one so you get complete privacy and light control.  You can even attach them to Hunter Douglas’ automated option for remote operation.

Ready to open them up and see the outside world? The vanes glide across the proprietary hardware system to tuck unobtrusively next to the window. It’s one of the most unique systems you’ll ever find.

How Can They Make Your Home Look Amazing?

Skyline Window Panels come in a number of different fabric and color options, so no matter what the style in your home or office, there’s a Skyline choice that meets your needs. We’ll help you make sure they look fantastic in your home.

At Gallery of Shades, we’ll even arrange for your Skyline panel tracks installation. Scottsdale is home to so many beautiful spaces and views, and this window covering choice is one that can really accentuate those views without ever being in the way.

To shop Skyline or any option from Hunter Douglas, Scottsdale’s own Gallery of Shades is here to help. Set up an appointment with us today.

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