What Are Roller Shades and Determining If Solar Shades Are Better

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Looking for a classic window treatment? For many people, it’s shades. They’re the perfect look that never goes out of style for most people. As you start searching for the right shades, though, it’s easy to get confused. both roller shades and solar shades are advertised almost everywhere. What are roller shades vs solar shades? Which ones do you want in your home? This quick guide can help you make that decision.

What are Roller Shades?

When most people think about shades for their home, they think of this standard style. Roller shades have a roller at the top with a mechanism inside. Wrapped around that roller is a length of fabric or vinyl. When the roller shades are fully extended, all of the material is visible as it hangs in the window. When it is in a fully raised position, the material is stored in the roller itself. Raising and lowering the shades is a simple operation thanks to a tension mounted spring inside the roller. One pull and they go up or down to your liking.

The Advantages of Roller Shades

There are many advantages to roller shades. They’re fairly budget friendly. They come in a number of different fabrics, colors, and varieties as well. From classic white vinyl to premium woven wood, you can achieve the look you want instantly. They’re easy to clean and naturally cordless, too. You can mount them on the inside or outside of a window, and they offer simple clean lines that won’t distract from your other decor.

What are Solar Shades?

Solar shades are actually a type of roller shade. They’re made using a special fabric that is designed to absorb and reflect the heat, glare, and UV rays the sun produces. The fabric used in this type of shade, however, is always a woven, screen-like material. That means a transparency you don’t get with traditional roller shades. The reason for that is simple, it helps to block the UV rays and absorb the light and heat coming into your home.

The Advantages of Solar Shades

The advantages of solar shades are pretty clear. They’re available in a variety of colors, though not quite as wide as the variety that defines roller shades. The real advantages, though, come in light and heat control. If you’re concerned about energy savings, and you’re worried that the heat and light coming through your windows is contributing to your problem, solar shades are the right choice. They create glare reduction without completely blocking the light, which is ideal in spaces with a computer or a television.

Which Is Right For Your Home?

Not sure which choice is right for your home? Just keep in mind that solar shades were created specifically to block UV rays and light. Roller shades were just designed for light control. Roller shades come in a number of different choices to help match your decor. Solar shades are only available in neutral colors. Solar shades, though, aren’t a good choice when it comes to privacy concerns. Roller shades completely block the outside world, but solar shades are transparent. While these two choices are incredibly similar, they also have some key differences.

Where to buy Shades in Scottsdale

Ready to buy solar or roller shades? You’re not alone. It’s a choice many people are making today and for good reason. Window covering choices can make or break a room, and both of these kinds of shades are designed to offer some pretty specific benefits other types of window coverings just can’t match. Both solar and roller shades are available right here.

We offer custom solar shades in Scottsdale and so much more. We have the perfect design to meet your needs, and we’re here to help you nail down which type of window covering might work best in a given room. After all, window coverings should fit your lifestyle as much as they do your sense of style, and we can help you decide on the best choice. To learn more or schedule an in-home consultation session, contact Gallery of Shades today.

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