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There are hundreds of window covering options available today, and selecting the right one to meet your budget and the design needs of your home isn’t always easy. Many people, though, choose to buy roller shades for a number of different reasons. Despite the latest and greatest options on the market, they’re selecting a choice that is centuries old.

Why Do So Many People Choose Roller Shades?

With so many different choices in today’s window covering market, why are roller shades making such a powerful impact? You might be surprised at the benefits behind this choice. First, they’re pretty budget-friendly. While some people spend thousands on various window coverings, roller shades can be installed at a fraction of that cost, so they fit into almost any budget.

That’s not the only reason people select this window covering, though. They’re also easy to clean. The folds, louvres, headrails, and slats of today’s window covering choices are dust magnets, and it’s tough to find the right tool and product to clean them. Roller shades, by contrast, are a single piece of material (whether fabric or something synthetic). Not only are they less likely to pick up the grime that accumulates on every surface in your home, but should they do so, it’s pretty easy to clean them with a damp rag.

They’re also a fairly safe choice. With many roller shades, you don’t have to worry about cords that kids or pets might get into. Most options are completely cordless, and that means no childproofing is necessary. You can even buy motorized roller shades today that will make it even easier to operate.

More than that, though, roller shades offer maximum privacy. When mounted correctly, they cover the entire window, completely eliminating any light gaps you might find with other types of window coverings.

Perhaps the most important reason people invest in roller shades, though, is that they have the ability to provide a room with simple, clean lines. That translates to incredible versatility, which means they’ll fit with almost any decor. Even if you choose to redecorate in a year or two, the chances are good that your roller shades will still look great in your home. 

How Do You Make Them Look Great in Your Home?

For some people, the one potential drawback of even the best roller shades is that they are traditional looking. But there are ways to ensure they look fantastic in your home, though. The best way is to ensure that you’re measuring and hanging them correctly. Choosing an inside mount over an outside mount means a streamlined, discreet look.

You may want to think about hardware as well. While you love the function behind a roller shade, you may not love the look of the roll at the top, and you can disguise that with either a valance or an integrated valance, which is essentially a box at the top of the shade to help hide the roller. A carefully finished bottom can help give traditional roller shades a little something extra too.

You’ll also want to think about color and fabric choices. Roller shades are no longer confined to white and off-white. Instead, you can order them in a number of different colors to complement a room or even different fabric choices. If you do choose to go with a bit of color, think about how it might impact the color of any light you choose to filter through the shade (something you need to think about if you go with a roller shade that has a range of opacity).

We’ll be happy to help you select roller shades for your home to better meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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