Are Pleated Shades the Right Choice for Your Home?

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Pleated shades are constructed from a continuous piece of lightweight fabric that has crisp pleats that descend down your window.  That, along with the ability to manipulate them bottom up or top down to let in just the perfect amount of light for your needs, make them an outstanding choice for your windows.   Since they are cut from a continuous piece of fabric this allows for a wide breadth of options. It’s quite easy to achieve the perfect result for the windows in your home and the look of tailored pleated shades will stay in fashion for years to come.

In addition to the wide range of patterns that pleated shades provide, they are also a wonderful and extremely affordable alternative to honeycomb or even cellular shades.  While the insulation benefits from pleated shades don’t match a cellular shade, the look is still very similar and it’s a much more affordable option, perfect for those on a budget who don’t want the budget look.  Pleated shades have a very elegant look and, unlike some shades that you can find on the market which can be quite bulky, pleated shades collapse very cleanly and practically vanish as they lay flat.

Additionally, pleated shades also offer an immense amount of flexibility since they can be easily customized to fit the exact pattern and shape that you want.  This will help you reach the perfect effect for any area in your home.  Since Gallery of Shades provides a free in home design consultation with our expert consultants, we can help you obtain the exact window treatment look that you desire.  We bring our design studio into your home so that you can choose the perfect pattern and then see exactly what the shade will look like before you purchase it.

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