Wood Shutters: The Classic Look

Getting that classic look in your home often comes down to the right window treatment, and the single most traditional choice for many is the plantation shutter. Versatile, beautiful, and the one window treatment that can actually change the value of your home, they go with almost any design style. They let the light in yet provide real privacy, striking a balance few other window treatments can match. Before you buy, though, there are several things to consider.

  • Don’t Choose Anything But Custom: While you can certainly get wood shutters at big box stores, that’s the last choice you want to make. Custom shutters were designed specifically for your windows. The divider rail gets put in the ideal place for your windows and the shutters just seem to fit both the application and the home itself better. For example, you may want to go with something a bit unique to fit an oddly sized or constructed window. You can’t get that with off-the-shelf choices.
  • Top, Bottom, Both? You can get wood shutters that offer control of the top and bottom louvers separately, and that’s a huge plus when you’re looking to alter both light and privacy as you might in a bathroom or a bedroom. You can also get shutters that control the two together for ease of use, so make certain you choose the right style to meet your needs.
  • Louver Sizes: Plantation shutters come in a number of different louver sizes. While the most popular style tends to be about two inches in width, that’s certainly not a necessity. You can go with a louver size you like better. Larger rooms with high ceilings tend to look better with larger louvers. Smaller rooms tend to look great with smaller choices.
  • Materials: Plantation shutters are usually constructed from wood or faux wood, and each has its own benefits. While wood tends to be more traditional, faux wood is great for applications where moisture is a real issue as it is in bathrooms and kitchens. Faux wood can also incorporate colors that real wood simply can’t. If you’re not sure which is right for your application, you may want to consult a designer for a few tips.
  • Open from the Center of Bi-fold? Thinking about where the shutters will fold is essential, and it’s something a custom shutter company will help you consider. Think about what might be in the way when you fold your shutters back. If there’s something in that space on one side, you may want to go with a bi-fold choice. If you have plenty of space or you don’t plan to actually open the shutters, having them open from the center shouldn’t be a problem.

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