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Your home is one-of-a-kind.  Naturally, you want your window coverings to be sensational and flow well with the rest of your home’s décor.  Custom plantation shutters are an obvious choice because they will add to the style of your home and help beautify it.  When you buy plantation shutters they add value to your home as well because they are a classy choice of window covering that everyone will appreciate.


When you buy plantation shutters, you are giving your home permission to “Go Ahead and Shine!”  Plantation shutters offer a clean, straightforward, and simplistic appeal to any room.  After deciding on the type of décor you want in each room, custom plantation shutters will fit in very well.  Utilize the strengths of each room in your home when you compliment them with plantation shutters.  The slat pattern will look virtually the same both inside your home and as guests approach from the outside.  With curtains or drapes, all you can see from the outside are their backs.  With custom plantation shutters, you’ll get the same clean lines outside as you will see inside the house.


Custom plantation shutters can also make the best use of small spaces.  Whereas curtains or drapes will almost always have some overhang (which is taking up some of your valuable space), when you buy plantation shutters, you’ll make the most of your available space as well as treat your home to another dose of style.


Once upon a time, people thought plantation shutters would only work well with traditional décor, but today, with more possibilities than ever before, they can work just as well with modern décor.  They can provide cover for an entire window, a partial window, or even a door.  Custom plantation shutters can be made for standard doors, sliding doors, and even French doors.  They can also be crafted for a window with a non-standard shape.

You can feel confident in your selections when working with Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale.  Not only is our mission to offer customers personalized service and quality products, we have been recognized by HomeAdvisor with a high rating for excellence.  Call today for a free consultation or schedule online!

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