Patio Shades are a Must!

Summer weather is still going strong here in Scottsdale, and with the extreme heat we’ve had, it’s becoming more and more obvious – patio shades are a must! There are quite a few benefits that come with these shades, making them a sound investment for your home or business. Here’s why you should considering installing patio shades:

  • You – and your stuff – will stay cooler. This is a pretty obvious benefit, considering that the function of any type of shade is to block the sun’s scorching rays, but it still needs to be stated. Installing patio shades can drastically reduce the temperature of the space being shaded, keeping you cooler and more comfortable when you’re outside. Plus, your furniture and other items will be shielded from the sun, so there’s no concern about sitting on a sizzling hot chair.
  • You’ll save energy. Because shades help keep temperatures cooler, adding them can help you save energy and money in the long term by reducing air conditioning costs.
  • Shades cut down on the glare. With a set of patio shades in place, squinting into the sunlight is a thing of the past – all that bright sunshine is blocked by the shade. No sunglasses necessary!
  • Fading is a non-issue. All too often, the lifespan of patio furniture and other outdoor items is shortened due to harsh outdoor conditions. Regular exposure to sunlight can cause fabrics and other materials to fade over time, meaning you will end up replacing them sooner than necessary. Patio shades that block the sun’s rays will protect your belongings and remove the risk of fading.
  • You’ll spruce up the look of your outdoor space. While patio shades provide several tangible benefits, you’ll also enjoy the instant upgrade to your décor they add as well. There are lot of colors and styles of shades available, so just choose the one that matches your unique sense of style!



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