Five Great Window Treatments for Kitchens

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Your kitchen. If you’re like most people, it’s the center of your home. Your family gathers here. Every guest at a dinner party ends up in here. It truly is the heart of a home, and many people spend more time deciding on kitchen window treatments than those in other rooms.

Your window treatments should reflect the time and care you put into your space and that makes a careful choice in the world of kitchen window coverings absolutely essential. Not sure which way to go? These five choices are some of the best in kitchens across the Scottsdale area.

  1. Roman Shades: Many people love the fabric in draperies, but they don’t typically work well in a kitchen. Roman shades give you access to the softness that drapes offer with a cleaner appearance. You can choose the fabric, so no matter what you get, it will look great in your kitchen. They’re easy to operate, too, so you’ll never have an issue making sure the right amount of light comes into your kitchen.
  2. Faux Wood Blinds: Wood always looks elegant and amazing, no matter where you put it, but in the kitchen, you’re at a disadvantage. The constant heat and humidity would quickly ruin wood blinds. Faux wood, though, offers you the fantastic look of wood without the potential for damage. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, this is a fantastic choice. Paired with a custom kitchen valance, these will make a great addition to your home.
  3. Woven Wood Shades: There are many types of kitchen shades available, but these have a particular advantage. They offer the same look of a natural material that faux wood blinds do. You can choose from bamboo, grasses, or even a material like jute. They’re durable and they offer a nice light diffusion. Hoping for a little room darkening action? That’s an option too. Just add a room darkening liner to them, and you’ll have complete privacy in your kitchen.
  4. Cellular Shades: If light diffusion and energy efficiency are the name of the game, cellular shades is the way to go. They can help keep you warm or cool thanks to their layered technology, and they always look great when you raise or lower them. They also work well with a variety of décor choices, so you’re never going to not love this option.
  5. Shutters: There’s something incredibly luxurious about shutters, and faux wood shutters work really well in the kitchen. They’re incredibly stylish, and they’re designed specifically to fit your windows. If you’re going for a classic look with your white kitchen and stainless steel appliances, you won’t do better than this option.

Still not sure? Contact us today for a free in-home design consultation that will help you see those kitchen windows in a completely new light.

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