Choose Custom Draperies for Your New Home

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the feeling of moving into a new home. The sudden rush of that accompanies all of your new design ideas makes the process seem as if the possibilities are limited only by the scope of your imagination. Among the things you’ll certainly need to address are draperies to cover those gorgeous windows, but what’s going to be perfect? What will fit with your new home? In most cases, custom draperies are the way to go.

Color, Pattern, and Texture . . . Oh My!

Window treatments are often the first thing to grab someone’s attention when they walk into the room, thanks to the positioning. As a result, if you want to make the colors you’ve chosen shine or you simply want a unique way to add pattern and texture to a space, custom window treatments are the way to go. Because you have so many creative choices when you’re customizing, you have an opportunity that you just don’t have with other pieces you add to the room.

Added Value To An Area

Off-the-shelf draperies can be fine in some areas, but the simple reality is that they’re not going to last as long as you might expect. The quality of draperies has gone steadily downward for the past several years, and these days, even high end choices just aren’t what they once were. Going with custom draperies, though, means a far longer lifespan thanks to higher quality materials and better construction from the outset, so you can expect real performance in the years to come.

Always the Perfect Size

Perhaps the biggest advantage of custom draperies is the fact that they’ll be made to fit your window. Whether you have a curved window or something a bit odd, you’ll be certain to get a choice that fits that window without the problems you might experience with an off the shelf choice.

To learn more about how custom draperies can enhance your new home, contact us today.

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  • Annika Larson June 14, 2017, 10:34 am

    Right now, my husband and I are looking to furnish our home with some window treatments. We want to make sure we have something that will match the style and overall feel of our home. Custom draperies seem like a great way to add the perfect touch to match our home. As you mentioned, custom draperies are also going to be more durable with quality material.

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