French Door Coverings Don’t Have to Be Complex

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French doors are the ideal architectural choice for many reasons. They offer light where other doors block it, they come in many different designs and materials choices, and they can actually increase the value of a home. That doesn’t mean they aren’t without their problems, though. In addition to great benefits like those, they also come with one big drawback – the right french door coverings. What might work for your French doors? Here are three great options.

  • Blinds for French Doors: Blinds on your French doors are the perfect way to control the light in a given area. The option you choose should have a setting you love before you select it. Whether you want a traditional wood blind or something a bit more modern, make sure you find one that fits well beneath the handle as well as one that matches your decor.
  • French Door Curtains: Whether you hope to add some transparency with gathered sheers or you’re looking for a bolder pop with a print, French door curtains are a great way to help accent your doors, but create a level of privacy you really want. You can choose from two panels, one on each door, or an offset panel that allows you to cover them entirely when you need additional privacy.
  • French Door Shutters: Light control and energy efficiency in one package. Is it possible? Absolutely, thanks to French door shutters. Those glass panels that make French doors so attractive can create real issues, but with the right shutters, you’ll get a durable window covering that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Window coverings for your French doors don’t have to be complex. Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home consultation, and together, we’ll come up with that perfect window treatment for your French Doors.

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