Customizing Your Door Covering for a Unique Look

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Have you had trouble deciding the best way to dress the windows on your doors? The doors of your home can be showpieces with some very stylish and beautiful window treatments. No matter what type of door covering you need for your patio, French, or entryway doors, Gallery of Shades can help you decide on the perfect type of covering for your windows. We offer vertical blinds, cellular shades, curtains, and drapes all designed to cover and protect your windows while remaining true to your personal style or design without compromise.

What are some popular window treatments for doors?

  • Cellular Shades French doors can be troublesome when it is time to choose a window treatment. Cellular shades can be a perfect choice for these doors that contain multiple glass panels. Cellular shades are lightweight and allow some light to filter in even when pulled which makes them perfect for darker rooms that can make use of the natural light. Cellular shades also work nicely for entry doors with single windows.
  • Vertical Blinds These blinds are a popular option for patio doors. Vertical blinds are easy to open and close and can be adjusted to control the amount of light that comes in. Our vertical blinds can be purchased in multiple color options, natural fibers, and fabrics.
  • Wood Blinds or shutters Blinds can easily be installed over windows on any doors including French, entry, and patio doors. These versatile window treatments are easy to adjust for light control and also come in multiple colors and materials.
  • Curtains and Drapes If you haven’t looked at curtains or drapes lately they are as stylish and as easy to install as ever. Hanging curtains and drapes is often completed in creative ways so as to display the beauty of the curtains without disrupting the functionality of doors.

For more design hints and tips about window treatments on your doors Gallery of Shades is waiting to assist you. Gallery of Shades is happy to provide in-home consultations to choose the door covering for your home.

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