Selecting the Best Bathroom Blinds: The Checklist You Need Now

Shopping for window coverings throughout your home is tough enough, but shopping for the right blinds for your bathroom can be downright frustrating. After all, you want the most possible privacy in your bathroom, but you might also want diffused natural lighting too.

More than that, though, you have to factor in the very different environment in your bathroom – heat and moisture can be problematic conditions for any window covering, and given that they’re omnipresent in the bathroom environment, finding a solution that can stand up to these two factors is absolutely key. Before you decide on the right window covering for your bathroom, you may want to consider these essentials.

Mildew Resistance

Bathrooms are the most susceptible space in your home when it comes to mildew. It can appear on your walls or tile, and one place it loves to appear is on your bathroom window covering. As a result, making certain you get a mildew resistant choice is absolutely key. There are mildew resistant blinds available with anti-microbial properties that can actually prevent mold and mildew from growing on the surface itself. This is an absolute must in a bathroom space. 

Heat Tolerance

Few spaces get quite as warm as the bathroom after a hot bath or shower, so you want to make certain you choose a window covering that can stand up to that heat. Faux wood blinds are a great choice because they offer you the elegant, classic feel you want with a level of heat resistance. They’re easy to clean, too, a must in any bathroom environment. 

Maximum Privacy 

Beyond the obvious need for heat and mold resistance, you’ll also likely want a window covering choice that offers you plenty of privacy. While not all blinds and shades offer you complete privacy, in the bathroom, you’ll want a solution that helps prevent anyone from seeing in even when the room is lit for the inside. Fortunately, you don’t have to go with a blackout solution to get the level of privacy you need. Instead, there are many options available today that offer you that privacy without completely eliminating the possibility of natural light in the bathroom.

Shopping for the perfect solution to meet your needs? Contact Gallery of Shades today. We offer free consultation sessions and many different options in our showroom. We’ll help you find the best choice to meet your needs whether you’re looking for bathroom blinds or a whole-house solution. 

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