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The Best Blinds and Shades For Your Patio Doors!

The Best Blinds and Shades For Your Patio Doors!

If you have doors that need blinds or shades, it can be a little overwhelming to decide exactly what you want and what will look great in your space. After all, there are several things to consider like how they’ll fit with the door handle, privacy, and light control concerns. What are your options and [...]

Learn More Before Choosing Window Coverings for Doors

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Whether it’s a gorgeous set of patio doors or you have a set of French doors in your home office, you probably know that window coverings for doors pose unique challenges. The doors themselves likely make your home look nothing short of amazing, but choosing the right window coverings for doors can be frustrating. Understanding [...]

4 Patio Door Window Treatments To Consider Now

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Traditionally, patio door treatments have been limited to heavy drapes or monotonous and cumbersome vertical blinds. If the vision for your patio has been limited to these two options it may be time for you to take a look at what is new for patio doors. More modern updated styles of vertical blinds and draperies [...]