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Casement Window Treatments You Can Use In Your Home


Casement windows offer some serious benefits to homeowners. They offer a distinctive look few other window styles can match. Beyond that, though, they mean superior airflow throughout  your house. The problem for many homeowners, though, is that they’re a tough sell when it comes to the right window treatment. What options are even available for [...]

Buy Solar Shades for Their Energy Efficiency and Beauty Too!

Did you know that UV rays can fade the furniture and flooring INSIDE your home? The sun’s rays can also increase the temperature inside your home, pushing your air conditioner to work a lot harder during the Scottsdale summer months. Fortunately, there is something you can do to put a stop to both problems – [...]

Custom Window Treatment Colors to Consider for Your Home


Window fashions are always changing. They keep up with modern aesthetic choices and trending colors, but that’s not all that influence them. Technology influences craft. At the same time, modern, everyday stresses influence what people reach out for in design. For instance, natural colors are popular because people don’t get as much time in nature [...]

Choose Custom Draperies for Your New Home

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the feeling of moving into a new home. The sudden rush of that accompanies all of your new design ideas makes the process seem as if the possibilities are limited only by the scope of your imagination. Among the things you’ll certainly need to address are draperies to cover [...]