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Coordinating Window Coverings with Flooring

Coordinating Window Coverings with Flooring

The look you create in your home often means ensuring each part works well together. Often that means taking simple steps like coordinating window coverings with everything else in the room, even your flooring. After all, when you have clashing elements, it may make your home seem a bit disjointed. How do you ensure your [...]

Layering Window Treatments for the Right Look

Layering Window Treatments for the Right Look

Window treatments are absolutely a necessity, but they can also provide the beautiful finishes you’re looking for in your home. They can create an accent piece or finish the cozy look you were hoping for. Often people choose a single-window treatment for a room, but something very special happens when you decide layering window treatments [...]

Upgrade Window Coverings Using the Latest Trends

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If you’re like many people today, you’re probably ready to deal with your outdated home fashions and make sure your space is exactly how  you want it – trendy, gorgeous, and ready for company. One of the fastest ways to do just that is to upgrade window coverings in your home. New window treatment trends [...]

Custom Pleated Shades Work Well Within a Budget

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Custom pleated shades can maximize the potential of either a large window or a small one; they are beautifully compatible with the sizes and needs of both.  They can be complementary to the theme or design of any room.  While working well in small areas, such as a bathroom, they are just as at-home in [...]