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Why We Love Window Valances

Why We Love Valances

Window valances. They may seem simple- trite, old-fashioned, or even quaint. Valances as window treatments, though, are making a huge comeback right now, and they have a lot of perks that you might not have thought about. Before you strike these common window treatments off your map, take a moment to understand the hype about valances. [...]

Choose Valances to Complement Your Window Treatments

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Think valances are the perfect touch for every window in your home? You’re not alone. Many people add valances to complement other window treatments or will often use them alone. Wondering why they’re so popular? There’s simply nothing to dislike about these great window treatments. Take a look at this versatile option: Lots of Options: [...]

Your Personality Shines with Custom Valances

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Custom valances for window treatments is a terrific way to freshen up the window’s appearance … and you won’t have to spend a lot to do it.  Valance window treatments are fairly simple to do; therefore, changing valances for window treatments wouldn’t be difficult to do if you wanted to switch them around as the seasons [...]