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Common Mistakes When Choosing Window Treatments

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The time has come to invest in new window treatments for your home. But what type of Scottsdale window coverings should you choose for your home? There are so many different types of window treatments and each one has different benefits. There are a lot of factors to consider and it is easy to get [...]

3 Hidden Reasons to Consider Custom Solar Shades

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You have many choices when it comes to window coverings for your home, but now more than ever, homeowners are looking to buy custom solar shades. Scottsdale residents love this window covering more than lots of other options. Wondering why? There are actually three reasons this is one of the single best choices.  1 – [...]

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Are you looking for great new window coverings in your home? Are you lost amid a sea of different options to pick from, totally confused about which shades are actually right for your home? If you’re looking for a beautiful choice that will enhance your home and change the way you think about window coverings, [...]

Man Cave Window Treatments

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The man cave – the center of masculinity in your home. In more and more homes, the man cave is moving out of the unfinished basement or dark, dank garage and into a fantastic room and the house. That doesn’t mean it needs to look unfinished, though. The right man cave window treatments can help [...]

Coordinating Window Coverings with Flooring

Coordinating Window Coverings with Flooring

The look you create in your home often means ensuring each part works well together. Often that means taking simple steps like coordinating window coverings with everything else in the room, even your flooring. After all, when you have clashing elements, it may make your home seem a bit disjointed. How do you ensure your [...]