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Beating the Summer Heat with Custom Window Coverings

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In Arizona, summer temperatures come early and stay for many months. Air conditioning is a necessity but running it nonstop for months on end can give you a sky-high utility bill.  Thankfully, not only do blinds, curtains, and other window treatments look good, they can also help keep your house cooler and help to keep [...]

Casement Window Treatments You Can Use In Your Home


Casement windows offer some serious benefits to homeowners. They offer a distinctive look few other window styles can match. Beyond that, though, they mean superior airflow throughout  your house. The problem for many homeowners, though, is that they’re a tough sell when it comes to the right window treatment. What options are even available for [...]

Update Your Worn Shades This Year

Update Your Worn Shades This Year

Face it, it’s time for a change! If you’ve been stuck inside your home for too long, you’re bound to start noticing the little things that have been around for ages. You’re probably ready to get rid of a couple things- those rugs that are looking a little too beaten, the half-dozen mugs with chipped [...]

Layering Window Treatments for the Right Look

Layering Window Treatments for the Right Look

Window treatments are absolutely a necessity, but they can also provide the beautiful finishes you’re looking for in your home. They can create an accent piece or finish the cozy look you were hoping for. Often people choose a single-window treatment for a room, but something very special happens when you decide layering window treatments [...]

What to Consider When You’re Shopping for Cordless Window Shades

What to Consider When You’re Shopping for Cordless Window Shades

Now more than ever before, people are turning to cordless window shades as their window treatment of choice. There are a number of reasons for this move. They come in a wide range of both styles and colors, making them the perfect option to fit with any décor. More than that, though, they’re safe and [...]

The Latest Color Trends for Your Home!

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While the design industry changes on a regular basis, no matter what those changes might be, the reality is that every new shift comes with a brand new palette of trending colors for your home. People are constantly looking for new colors that can help redesign their spaces, and often those new colors are infused [...]

Keeping Up with the Window Trends for the New Year

Keeping Up with the Window Trends for the New Year

The start of every new year brings something exciting – great trends that you can incorporate into your home. What will the new year bring for you and your window treatments? If you’re like many people this year, it could completely change your style. Modern Technology Smart home designs haven’t overlooked windows. Today, you’ll find [...]

When is the Right Time to Buy New Window Treatments?

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How long have you actually had your window shades? Are they like an old mattress and you’ve reached a point where you really need to replace them?  Actually, yeah, there are several signs that you need to replace your shades with new window treatments. Take a look at a few now. Physical Damage: Lots of [...]

Specialty Window Treatments for Uniquely Shaped Windows

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Uniquely shaped windows are an architectural feature in your home you may absolutely love until you try to find the right window covering ideas to fit. Privacy and light control are key with any window shape, but it doesn’t come easy when you have arches, angles, circles, skylights, bay windows, and more. Where do you [...]

The Many Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

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It’s unfortunate, but often window treatments of any type are an afterthought to the room. Many people will update almost every part of a room, but ignore the window treatments. New custom window treatments, though, can do so much for a space. They can give it the perfect pop it needs, and offer you benefits [...]