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Why Should You Choose Grass Weave Shades?

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When you’re looking for your new blinds, it’s important to choose the ones that go best with your room. Grass weave shades are a great choice for many different reasons,  but maybe one of the most important is that they’ll look great wherever you put them in your home!  Defining A Look Natural wood shades [...]

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Protection from the heat of the sun. A respite from the wind. A chance to keep the warmth in your home. These are some of the earliest reasons window coverings existed, and as far back as ancient cultures, they were part of many homes. At that time, though, they only existed in a few forms, [...]

Types of Natural Wood Shades and How to Keep Them Clean

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There are a number of design elements that go into creating the perfect look for your room. One of the most important, and overlooked design elements to any room are the window coverings. The right window coverings can complete your design or can make your room design look aesthetically unbalanced. For example if you’re going [...]